Inherent Right To Vote

Voting has always been a sensitive issue in years past. Wars have been fought and millions have died for the freedom we are all enjoying today. Indeed, we have come a long way but much is still left to be done. The US Constitution states and upholds this right as stated in Section 1 of Amendment XV that American citizens have the right to vote regardless of their race, color, or prior condition of servitude. While most people get to enjoy their inherent voting rights right now, many are still deprived of the right to choose the elected official they want to rule the land simply because they aren’t eligible, for instance.

Yet no matter how much the country has achieved over the years, problems pertaining to one’s voting rights persist especially that the topic of illegal votes was raised during the last election. While President Trump won the presidency in broad daylight, he still raised the issue of the three million illegal votes he insists that Clinton received and is the reason why he fails to win over the popular votes. His claim of voter fraud paved the way to the recent creation of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity that many believe is just the start of their attempt to roll back voting rights.

There is a battle under way for our democracy. The choice that lies in front of us: Will we be a country that