Social Media Addiction According To Science

When we talk about addictions, we often think of vices like alcohol intoxication, smoking, illegal drugs and the like. What we fail to realize is how this condition has evolved as our technology progressed over the years. You’d be surprised to find out that a few of the habits you now have are already considered as an addiction as explained by science. Our obsession with social media is a perfect example of this modern-day addiction.

If you think about it, can you count the number of hours you have been checking your social media feed each day? Probably not because you are spending more time than you should be especially now with the Internet of Things where many tech gadgets are not interconnected to the web. Your smartphone allows you to log in to your various social media accounts and get lost in it for hours reveling in the new things you discover and all the likes you get from whatever you post on your wall. The feeling is surreal. It’s somehow similar to the high drug addicts get when they do drugs. It may sound melodramatic, but not. Science backs all these theories and it makes perfect sense considering how you can’t almost put your phone down even if you always tell yourself to reduce your screen time yourself.

Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel knows exactly why you can’t go a minute without picking up your phone. It isn’t