Problems Plaguing Occupational Health

Our health has always been one of our priorities since birth. You won’t be able to enjoy the many beautiful things in life if you are weak and sickly. Even if you are not that rich, having a healthy body is a blessing in itself. Yet as we live our lives, it is inevitable for us to get sick and succumb to whatever disease or injury that may befall us in our day-to-day lives no matter how careful we are in everything we do. It is a risk we all face each day. But some risks are higher especially when you are exposed to more dangerous things like complex and equally dangerous equipment and machinery often found in big manufacturing plants.

Occupational health may not be as intriguing or as glamorous as other aspects of healthcare but it is just as important. Workers are exposed to certain risks depending on the industry they are in and the type of work they personally do. It is why workers are protected at work by ensuring that occupational health precautions are put in place and practiced by everyone in the work area or risk facing the hazards that are expected in your practice. Companies even hire medical professionals to ensure that someone trained and qualified can attend to the medical needs of workers when doing their jobs.

On 10 May, a joint event run by the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) and the