A Modern Crisis On Natural Disasters

Humans have long since flourished on this planet but it wasn’t always an easy ride. For starters, the elements haven’t always been kind to us and we worked so hard in overcoming it so we can live in sheer comfort and convenience and it wasn’t without a cost. Imagine living with nothing on your back and no real homes to live in like ancient humans lived in back in the days as you are exposed to the heat, cold, wind, rain, etc. not to mention the animals that roam in the wild. Much has changed from that situation and we have concrete houses now to keep us all warm and dry or cool and comfy whatever the weather outside is but the weather remained as unpredictable as ever. We haven’t even cracked a way to control it as it simply is impossible and beyond our human capabilities.

We are still helpless in the face of Mother Nature’s wrath. You see it time and again with the number of casualties each time the elements act up. Whether it be fire, water, wind, or movements emanating from deep in the earth, not all the time can we predict when these tragedies will happen despite the many tech advancements we have now achieved. In reality, nations are actually spending a lot on tech measures to help the people prepare for these eventualities as well as the actual damages we actually incur each year. …

Animal Welfare In Times Of Disaster

More often than not, mankind is too preoccupied thinking about how to save their own lives and properties during calamities than their pet animals. It may be different if an animal is grown for a profit like cattle, for example, where their owners would often evacuate them first rather than lose their source of livelihood. It is often an afterthought for some owners to think about their pet’s welfare during disasters and it is not uncommon to see dead or lost animals after strong hurricanes or tornadoes because their owners are likely as dazed as them too.

In light of the recent hurricane that hit the United States of America, Hurricane Harvey, some parts of the nation have been unfortunate enough again to be at the mercy of the elements. Texas has been flooded and many homes are deep in water for days now. Relief and rescue are slow and many are already complaining. While humans suffer, animals suffer too. And it is even worse for them as they can’t speak and let everyone know how badly they are feeling. Those pets that have been unfortunate enough to not be rescued and evacuated in time have likely succumbed to the elements and thus forever lost.

Texas has never seen a storm like Hurricane Harvey before. It’s buried Houston and its environs, and part of Louisiana, under water. More rain is coming in the next few days — as much