Medical Emergency: A.K.A Financial Emergency

We have been told time and again that health is wealth and we should do our part to ensure we are in excellent shape all the time. You can do almost everything with a healthy mind and body. Unfortunately, our body isn’t fool-proof. There are times when we will eventually succumb to the fatigue, stress, and germs and get sick in the process. And there are instances when medical emergencies strike and a person will require immediate medical assistance, so appropriate and timely life-saving measures can be done to save a human life. Your first instinct would likely be to call for help especially if you are not a trained medical professional that knows what to do during such terrifying situations.

Emergency medical personnel can intervene and provide the necessary emergency measures to any sick or injured person until they reach the hospital. From there into the emergency room the patient goes where the interventions continue. More often than not, the confused and scared family members or relatives would consent to whatever intervention is needed to support the patient, especially during critical situations. But they are in for a big surprise after they weather the storm.

No matter how advanced medical technology gets, for many patients modern health care begins in a hospital emergency room and ends with an unexpectedly huge bill. s
On average, emergency-room bills for out-of-network care is 4.4 times higher than what Medicare allows for