Understanding Jumping Genes

The human body is full of amazing things – many of which we may not fully understand and remain a mystery forever to those who have no medical background. Yet, understanding some of these more complex concepts can shed light on a lot of issues we are dealing with that we begin to realize how helpful it is to know more about the human body, for instance, so we don’t remain in the dark forever. And we actually have a lot to learn considering the human body changes as it matures and grows over the years.

One of the most less talked about topic is the one involving jumping genes. For sure, many of you haven’t even heard about it until now. But why is it relevant in our life? It’s time to find out… Jumping genes a.k.a. transposable elements or transposons are essentially DNA sequences that jump from one part of the genome to another. They are often considered as “junk DNA” since their discovery in the 40’s but studies and researches further debunked this theory and proved the importance of jumping genes in the regulation of gene expression. Sounds pretty deep but it really has a lot of practical applications in real life.

Exactly how these ancient jumping genes contributed to the development of the modern human is unclear. Scientists think that their step-wise integration coincided with the emergence of an increasingly complex brain structure, possibly giving us