Should You Recover Data On Your Own?

There are so many things going on in the world right now many of you probably can’t keep up with all these changes anymore. The rapid rise in technology is the major factor as to why the world that our parents grew up in is but a distant shadow only. From young kids to adults, technology has become a crucial part of our lives. Just think of all those handy smartphones on your hand or in your pocket and the tablets that keep kids entertained as their harried parents trying to juggle the increasing demands of work and home life as prices keep on going up as the price we have to pay for modern living. Seeing how much we all depend on technology, it would surely be a major hassle if we lose access to one of these modern contrivances that holds so much of our dear life.

For instance, computers that break down can spell big trouble especially if you store a lot of your data in it and you didn’t have the foresight to keep a copy in a different storage space ahead of time. But of course, you can never tell when tragedy hits you so you end up trying all sorts of hacks to get your lost data back. Take note that even if you do get your computer fixed, it is still not an assurance that you can recover all valuable files and other …

Why Data Recovery Matters At A Time Of Widespread Malware Threats

We can’t deny how much technology has made our lives so much easier. We no longer need to do most things manually and everything is just simply automated. That in itself is already a blessing. Imagine no longer having to put in the manual labor to get things done. Yet no matter comfortable and convenient our lives have become, there are its drawbacks too. Everything can go haywire in an instant when you encounter a tech-related issue. It is even more difficult if you are clueless about how the technology works itself and you have no go-to guy around that can help you with your digital concerns. You should, by the way, have a go-to guy.

As complicated technology already is, the rising threat of cyber attacks is also a cause of concern among tech users. Malwares are everywhere. You can hear it constantly mentioned on news and it makes tech user’s stomach queasy with the jitters with just the thought of getting hit by such a major headache. Malware often attacks older models of computers and laptops but there have been mobile versions too. These malwares have been so nasty they even managed to cripple many businesses and organizations all over the world and even the UK’s healthcare system a few months ago. Patients missed out on their medications because the medical staff can’t access their data on the computer. Everything just vanished.

In Q2 2017, cyber criminals involved