Essential Cyber Security Measures You Need To Know At Home

We now live in a digital world where it is inevitable for us to use technology in our daily lives. From the moment you wake up, you often reach out for your smartphone before even getting out of bed. That has been the routine for most of us. Most homes are also full of tech gadgets from home appliances to communication gadgets that are all interconnected to the Internet for our comfort and convenience. If you don’t know it yet, they comprise the Internet of Things. Despite the hefty price tag, the majority of us do not hesitate in buying these tech luxuries and basically have transformed them into living staples that almost everybody must have.

There is a big drawback here, though. We may enjoy all the perks that technology brings yet we can’t deny the fact that they have somehow complicated our mere existence especially when something goes wrong. Technological innovations in itself are flawed and full of loopholes that cyber criminals use to their advantage. Even the Internet is not a safe place anymore or social media where many of us end up sharing way too much personal information than necessary. It also explains why so many people end up as victims of ransomware attacks, for instance, because of how we take technology lightly and don’t take enough precautions even when using our personal gadgets. Continue reading “Essential Cyber Security Measures You Need To Know At Home”