Is A Sustainable Environment The Solution To Climate Change?

The world is changing and it is already old news. We can see it all around us. Gone were simpler times because the digital world has finally come for real and taken over everything. Mankind did not hesitate in embracing all the new tech innovations because they not only looked cool but made life so much easier and more comfortable despite the high price tag attached to them. As a result, the environment deteriorated because of our dependence and increased consumption of digital things and non-renewable resources like fossil fuel.

We are now experiencing the wrath of Mother Nature. Natural calamities have significantly worsened and they hit us with a force so deadly. Both lives and properties are lost and recovery and rehabilitation become harder and harder each year because of the magnitude of the damage regardless of the technologies we now use today. Many environmentalists are asking for everyone’s support to change our ways and support a sustainable environment in an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint, thereby slow down climate change.

This includes ensuring a reliable power supply at an affordable price for the country’s continued socio-economic development, optimising the efficient use of energy sources and promoting the use of clean and renewable energy, they said.

Speaking at the conference on sustainable energy and a low emission economy in Viet Nam yesterday, Vice Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang Quoc Vuong said that energy security has always been