Kid’s Health Suffers From Excessive Screen Time

It is common knowledge nowadays how damaging too much exposure to technology and gadgets is to the developing minds and bodies of young kids. It wasn’t a problem in the past when kids did not have access to these innovative and smart gadgets that are taking up most of their time these days. Medical experts are always urging parents to limit kid’s screen time because it predisposes them to various health conditions that can later affect them in adult life.

Up to now, many are still wondering how much screen time is ideal for kids, and how much outside play they get. Well, it is better if they aren’t allowed to use these devices at all but that rarely happens now as there are just way too many (smart) gadgets in our life that it is inevitable for them to get their little hands on smartphones, for instance. Parents are usually harassed as well in trying to juggle their multiple responsibilities that only grow the more our technology advances. It is why they give these gadgets to their young children, so they can be free to do whatever it is they need to do as their young children busy themselves with various apps and games that are trending now. It’s even a bonus if they have access to WiFi because that means they can surf the web and do more with their time.

The average Australian child is spending