The Evolution Of The Healthcare Industry

Nothing remains constant, right? Everything in this world is bound to change sooner or later. Apart from death and taxes, nothing is safe from all these changes. A major aspect of human life is related to healthcare. We have long since realized we can make a difference on the quality and length of our lives by adopting certain habits and practices that promote good health and help us fight off the occasional ailments we may have over the course of our lives. Seeing how far the healthcare system has come this day, it would probably make you feel grateful that you live at this age wherein most ancient (and often painful and cringe-worthy practices) are now rendered obsolete. You now have the help of modern science to help you navigate through life in the best possible health although at times it comes at a cost. And as much as we would like to delude ourselves into thinking, it is far from a perfect science but it works most of the time in meeting our needs when it comes to the fragile state of our health.

Technology plays a big part in the evolution of the human healthcare system. Wherever you look in hospitals, there are various tech gadgets and contrivances that does work in as simple as data encoding to actually supporting human life and helping those in near-death circumstances bounce back again. Computers are everywhere and healthcare professionals …

Losing Sleep Because Of Sleep Apnea Can Put Your Life At Risk

Most of us just long for the comfort of our bed and get a good night’s sleep after a long day at work or school. Our tired bodies need to recuperate so it has the energy it needs to face another day because you just can’t get away from the daily grind. It’s the reality of life. There are people, though, who don’t get to enjoy the luxury of sleep that most individuals look forward to at the end of the day. It really is such an irony that they end up sleepy the entire day but unable to fall into deep sleep at night even though sleep is all they can ever think of. It is not that they don’t like sleeping, it’s just that they can’t. It may be hard to believe but it is true and millions suffer from sleep deprivation because of it. What’s the contributing factor then?

You may have heard of sleep apnea by now and most likely associate it with snoring. Well, it is true that most patients diagnosed with sleep apnea snores but it is also worth noting that not all snorers have sleep apnea. What many tend to overlook is how sleep apnea contributes to sleep deprivation. Sure, the snoring itself is a major distraction to sleeping and most patients have a hard time breathing that leads to short shallow sleep. Now, think of the dangers if you constantly lose

Caring For Your Skin After Childbirth

Women play such an important and sensitive role in the big picture that is mankind. Motherhood sets them apart from their male counterparts as women have the natural ability to carry and deliver another human being into this world. The risks they have to take and the difficulties they go through is unique to them that it is often a relief when the baby comes out. The thing is the real work begins once you have your little bundle of joy with you. The long sleepless nights can take its toll not to mention the pains of breastfeeding if you choose to feed your own child. With the countless obligations, unstable hormones, and the mere fact that your baby needs you all the time often leaves most mom unable to care for themselves. They neglect skincare and proper grooming as they usually are covered in baby spit and poo. Some even experience skin tags, that require specialized creams to remove.

What women should be aware of is that they can still look great and feel good in their own skin even with this added responsibility on their shoulders. You may not be able to religiously follow a 10-step skin care regimen that is all the rage now but you can definitely do something about maintaining your youthful looks and pleasant appearance. Various changes happened to your body during pregnancy and you may feel that you don’t look your best …

Reduction In Teenage Pregnancies

Parenthood is no easy thing. Some people prefer to live their lives to the fullest during their twenties to their early thirties before settling down and start building a family of their own. It does not just allow them to enjoy everything that life has to offer but gives them time to save up and prepare for whatever family life entails, most especially when it comes to their finances. Yet over the past decade, we’ve seen a rise in teenage pregnancy. Young girls in their teens know so little about the implications of engaging in premarital sex that they fail to use any type of contraception and just enjoy doing the deed itself until they end up getting pregnant.

Then, there is the power of social media and the Internet that shows them things they aren’t supposed to see or know at their young age. Meanwhile, some girls are victims of sexual abuse and violence and end up getting pregnant too. Yet over the past few years, we have seen a considerable reduction in teenage pregnancies in different parts of the globe. Kids perhaps know better now that even if they engage in premarital sex, they take the proper precautions to prevent any unwanted pregnancy. And it also helps that they have already seen a lot of young girls and teens struggle with being a young mom and that they are often left by their partners to fend for themselves …

Understanding Jumping Genes

The human body is full of amazing things – many of which we may not fully understand and remain a mystery forever to those who have no medical background. Yet, understanding some of these more complex concepts can shed light on a lot of issues we are dealing with that we begin to realize how helpful it is to know more about the human body, for instance, so we don’t remain in the dark forever. And we actually have a lot to learn considering the human body changes as it matures and grows over the years.

One of the most less talked about topic is the one involving jumping genes. For sure, many of you haven’t even heard about it until now. But why is it relevant in our life? It’s time to find out… Jumping genes a.k.a. transposable elements or transposons are essentially DNA sequences that jump from one part of the genome to another. They are often considered as “junk DNA” since their discovery in the 40’s but studies and researches further debunked this theory and proved the importance of jumping genes in the regulation of gene expression. Sounds pretty deep but it really has a lot of practical applications in real life.

Exactly how these ancient jumping genes contributed to the development of the modern human is unclear. Scientists think that their step-wise integration coincided with the emergence of an increasingly complex brain structure, possibly giving us

Kid’s Health Suffers From Excessive Screen Time

It is common knowledge nowadays how damaging too much exposure to technology and gadgets is to the developing minds and bodies of young kids. It wasn’t a problem in the past when kids did not have access to these innovative and smart gadgets that are taking up most of their time these days. Medical experts are always urging parents to limit kid’s screen time because it predisposes them to various health conditions that can later affect them in adult life.

Up to now, many are still wondering how much screen time is ideal for kids, and how much outside play they get. Well, it is better if they aren’t allowed to use these devices at all but that rarely happens now as there are just way too many (smart) gadgets in our life that it is inevitable for them to get their little hands on smartphones, for instance. Parents are usually harassed as well in trying to juggle their multiple responsibilities that only grow the more our technology advances. It is why they give these gadgets to their young children, so they can be free to do whatever it is they need to do as their young children busy themselves with various apps and games that are trending now. It’s even a bonus if they have access to WiFi because that means they can surf the web and do more with their time.

The average Australian child is spending

Medical Emergency: A.K.A Financial Emergency

We have been told time and again that health is wealth and we should do our part to ensure we are in excellent shape all the time. You can do almost everything with a healthy mind and body. Unfortunately, our body isn’t fool-proof. There are times when we will eventually succumb to the fatigue, stress, and germs and get sick in the process. And there are instances when medical emergencies strike and a person will require immediate medical assistance, so appropriate and timely life-saving measures can be done to save a human life. Your first instinct would likely be to call for help especially if you are not a trained medical professional that knows what to do during such terrifying situations.

Emergency medical personnel can intervene and provide the necessary emergency measures to any sick or injured person until they reach the hospital. From there into the emergency room the patient goes where the interventions continue. More often than not, the confused and scared family members or relatives would consent to whatever intervention is needed to support the patient, especially during critical situations. But they are in for a big surprise after they weather the storm.

No matter how advanced medical technology gets, for many patients modern health care begins in a hospital emergency room and ends with an unexpectedly huge bill. s
On average, emergency-room bills for out-of-network care is 4.4 times higher than what Medicare allows for

Add Some More Caffeine Into Your Life

We all have our guilty pleasure. Some love sweets and junks while others prefer something entirely not food-related like a hobby or interest. Then, there are those things that we simply just can’t live without. Not a day goes by without us indulging in these little whims no matter how insignificant they may seem to others. That’s what caffeine is like. It’s your guilty pleasure that you can’t live without. Others even call it a caffeine addiction knowing how many of us can’t go on with our day without our caffeine fix early in the morning that gives us the energy boost we need for the day.

And this obsession may actually be doing your body a favor as there have already been numerous studies proving the health benefits one can get from drinking coffee on a regular basis. Not only is it nutrient-rich and loaded with plenty of antioxidants to keep you glowing and healthy, coffee can actually make you live longer because of the numerous health benefits it offers. And basically, the caffeine in it, which is a known stimulant, jump starts your day every single day without fail. So, it’s time to pay homage to a worldwide favorite that science backs up to be good for our health too.

Drinking four cups of coffee a day could slash the chance of early death, a major study suggests.

Research on 20,000 middle-aged men and women found that those

Hurricane Harvey Brings In More Than Just Water To Texas

Humans are immensely resilient by nature. It’s actually an understatement considering what we have gone through over the years to evolve as the modern thinkers that we are today. Although we are not perfect by nature, we have overcome so many challenges already and have emerged as the most superior species on land. It wasn’t a walk in the park to build the skyscrapers we are looking up to today or all the technologies we are taking for granted now. If there is one thing we have not yet made fool-proof, though, it is our health.

Human health is not always fragile but it is plagued by numerous diseases and conditions that make living a bit more challenging for some of us. Some don’t worry about their health at all and abuse their bodies in ways you can never imagine and there are those who are always sickly and easily prone to infections and diseases. There are numerous factors that impact our health. The environment is one of those seeing how our immediate surroundings is a big variable to certain diseases. Now, with the recent flooding all across Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the focus here shouldn’t entirely be about disaster relief and recovery but on the immediate needs of the people to safeguard their health from getting water-borne diseases.

The devastating floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey will damage many human habitats, but after the flood recedes,

Cyber Issues On Medical Devices

Technology is synonymous with modern living. It is a crucial part of our lives that not only makes the world go round right now but somehow makes it more complex too. These high-tech innovations have actually transformed our lives and made a lot of things easier and more comfortable for us but they are also flawed like most things here on this planet. A lot of things are interconnected now on the Internet of Things and as such, things can easily go from bad to worse when disaster strikes. And it is something we have experienced many times in this digital age.

The ransomware, WannaCry, which infected over 200,000 computers globally managed to cripple the UK’s healthcare system and many patients missed out on their medications for days because the medical staff can’t access the hospital computers where the patient’s chart and data can all be found. You see, any tech issue can potentially become a major medical emergency because medical devices that are hooked and used in a patient’s care can be hacked or encrypted by dubious cyber scammers that are only out for monetary gain.

As the internet of things spreads into more and more areas, increasing numbers of medical devices are now connected, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks that could shut down medical processes, expose critical hospital and patient data, and ultimately put patient safety at risk.

Many medical devices are not built with cybersecurity in

Canadians Pioneering In The Use Of Medical Cannabis

The medical community is always full of surprises, from surprising tech innovations, mind blowing medical treatments, new drug discoveries, to out-of-the-box medical practices, the public is always fascinated by most news in the field of medicine. And for quite some time now, we are seeing major changes happening everywhere too. We have witnessed how the humble marijuana plant has transformed its image from an illegal substance to a now legal one. Various US states have already given the thumbs up to the farming, use, promotion, and selling of either medical or recreational cannabis but it seems that the US has been beaten by their next-door neighbor when it comes to this weed’s popularity.

What probably urged Canada to be quick and bolder than the US in their approach towards cannabis is their desire to improve the lives of many Canadians who have been suffering from many chronic and debilitating conditions for the longest time that no drug or medical treatment has managed to address aside from medical cannabis and boost the economy. There have been numerous studies and testimonies as to the powerful effects of medical marijuana in treating conditions like epilepsy, seizure, chronic pain, and even cancer. And unlike the US, Canada has passed the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) in aid of cannabis research, sale, and use, so that Canadians requiring help from such a magical plant like Cannabis can have access to it …

Why Children Are Getting Fatter By The Minute

Kids give more meaning to life. Ask any parent about it and they will likely tell you the same thing. But raising one is a different story. There are a lot of hurdles parents face each day from the moment a child is born. Not only are parents expected to provide all the basic needs of their kids but as well as teach them on how to become wise, responsible, God-fearing, and compassionate adults someday. But how can kids do that in the near future if they are already struggling with their health (and body image) as early as now? Looks may not be everything but say that to a bullied pubertal child or teen and you’d likely receive glaring stares that paint a thousand words.

Weight is the biggest struggle of young kids these days perhaps because of the food they eat and the lifestyle they lead. Parents today are almost always harassed and exhausted so you can’t expect them to prepare healthy home-cooked meals when more often than not, both partners are out most of the day earning their keep. Aside from feeding their young children sweets, junks and processed food, kids also have access to tech gadgets to help them pass the time and not bother their tired parents at home. So eating + lounging around with a tablet/smart gadget with WiFi in hand = obesity. Hence, more and more kids are diagnosed as overweight and obese …

More Sleepless Nights In This Digital Age

In reality, there are only a few things in life humans need despite the long list of wants we may actually have on our own. The need for food, water, shelter, and human companionship may be one of the first few ones that pop on our mind first because they are basically non-negotiable essentials in our lives. Then, there are those desires we have that are merely just whims and fancies we don’t necessarily need but something we may want so badly. And then there is sleep – the one thing that keeps us going despite the ups and downs of life.

Sleep isn’t just something we need in order to recharge our tired bodies but is a restorative process that does a lot of things that we are not always aware of. At the end of the day, your body will be screaming for sleep no matter how strong and healthy you are. It is as natural as breathing. Yet today, many people are willingly giving up their sleep just for a few more hours, minutes or seconds with their smart gadgets. Bedtime is pushed even further so that modern people can stay connected to their online friends and updated on their virtual reality. But many of us fail to realize that we unconsciously neglect our health in the guise of having a good time.

The National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) latest Sleep Health Index (SHI) finds significant associations