The Delicate Balance Of International Relations

We live on a big planet, without a doubt. For the longest time, most people living here only worried about their own well-being without regard to those living farther than their eyes can see. To each his own is a great way to describe it. However, as we became more adept at controlling our surroundings we became bolder and felt more confident to explore farther horizons. It’s no longer surprising that conflict soon arose – a conflict that is very much present until now – when people from different backgrounds start fighting over their respective territories. One defending his own while the other looking to expand his conquest. It has always been that way for the longest time and that still applies until today although maybe a little less barbaric than previous conquests but we still can’t entirely eradicate violence in the picture.

We have already been through a lot for many centuries of trial and error when it comes to international relations. It is a topic that you can’t always seem to get the right formula as wars still exist in various parts of the globe. Our modern technologies weren’t able to save us from our own human nature that perhaps in a way impede our progress. It is never an easy thing to make peace and stay at peace with one another but it is worth trying knowing this is the only way the human species will …

Migration In Europe Today

We may all live on one planet but one cannot easily cross one border into another as you wish. It’s why we have visas and comply with lots of requirements demanded from us by the nations we want to visit for safety and security reasons. Various nations implement differing migration rules and regulations and it can quickly change as well depending on what the times call for. Most people (especially those living in third world countries) prefer to migrate to progressive nations in America and Europe for greener pastures. It makes perfect sense knowing they desperately want to uplift their lives from the life of extreme poverty where they came from.

However, migration is made even more complex with the growing threat of terrorism and other malicious attacks on individuals that pose a big risk to any nation. Europe, for instance, has witnessed more than its fair share of terrorist attacks over the past few years and many lives were lost because of religious ideologies that should not be an issue in the first place. Meanwhile, the issue about wars in other countries have displaced thousands, if not millions of refugees, which are now seeking refuge in other countries and that include Europe. Hence, Europe understandably became stricter with migration laws so as to protect its own people.

Much has changed since the height of the refugee crisis that gripped Europe in the summer of 2015. Since the shocking

Charities Aren’t Happy Anymore

The people elected into office in governments of most nations are instrumental in improving and safeguarding the lives of the citizens. They tap on various resources in implementing various programs that aim in nation building as well as demand for tax payments for various goods and services, so the state has money to use in the delivery of basic services for the people. Yet there are still private organizations that go the extra mile and engage themselves in various charitable activities that aim in uplifting the lives of the poor and the impoverished that the government can’t always attend to.

The United States of America may be a first-world nation but there are still thousands (even millions) of homeless people scattered all over the country. That’s not even including the millions of Americans living in poverty and often dependent on federal assistance to meet their daily needs. So, it’s safe to assume that America is silently struggling internally despite its image as a strong and rich nation to outsiders. A big part of America’s success can be attributed to the charities that support the people. However, it sounds like a problem is brewing between these charitable institutions and the current administration and the people will eventually be on the losing end here or maybe not.

More than a dozen charities have pulled their events from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in a continued backlash to how Trump responded to the fatal

The Role Of Local Governments In Disaster Response

If there is one thing that distinguishes our modern world from primitive ones, it is the conduct of law and order in society. There are laws in place to ensure fair and just treatment of everyone and there are governments in each nation that create, uphold, and protect these laws. Aside from collecting taxes and providing most basic services, the government is also the first one to come to the people’s aid in times of conflict and disasters both man-made and natural.

No matter how prepared people are or even the government itself, there are always instances when nature surprises us and hits us with a fury only Mother Nature is capable of doing. Human lives are lost, families are displaced, and properties are destroyed making recovery doubly harder. Yet, there are resources that the government can tap into in times of crisis. But if you look closely into America’s history, disaster relief hasn’t always been the federal government’s priority and it has been evident with the way they respond to disasters in the past.

America and its citizens are vulnerable at all times to natural disasters, be they hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, fires, even volcanos. It is never a question of if – it is always questions of where and when disasters will strike.

With computer modeling, we can predict where these events are likely to occur with greater accuracy. Thus, we know areas of the country that are

The Great Republican Divide

They say that there are no permanent friends or foes in politics. How aptly said. Regardless of what country you are in, there is some sort of political divide at work and it has been in existence for the longest time in human history. Despite this conflict, most governments still work because this conflict has evolved to become some sort of internal check and balance system to any nation. Most progressive countries have a healthy dose of debates, arguments, and verbal attacks amongst politicians that make the entire populace wonder how they put those people into office yet keep everyone on their toes.

If you look at the current state of American politics today, you’d be more than just amused. Although we all respect the decision of the majority, we can’t help but wonder what many of them were thinking when they put into office a total newbie with known racist tendencies? The country is plagued by a long list of problems that need urgent attention yet the new administration is busying themselves with issues that shouldn’t be the nation’s priority at all. The ruling party can’t even pass a healthcare law and it is infuriating President Trump for quite a while now that he can’t help but reveal his true feelings time and again by reprimanding Republican lawmakers in doing something about it.

The elite news media loves it when Republicans attack Republicans.

The leftwing reporters, editors, producers, television

President Trump Scares Off Entrepreneurs

The United States of America is undeniably a rich nation. Most global businesses have offices in the country and business is booming both online and offline. The richness of American trade has helped the nation generate the revenue it needs in enforcing law and order, running the various government offices, and providing for the poor, among many others – and even have money to spare to help other needy nations. Yet over the years, businesses have both flourished and suffered because of the rise and fall of the (global) economy. It has led to massive layoffs, bankruptcy, etc. that greatly affected the lives of the people.

However, our modern times are still facing the very same issues our nation has faced in the past – specifically the issue of racism and equality. Business leaders today are constantly upset because of the controversial remarks uttered by the president especially when in a public forum or platform. Entrepreneurs are united in their disagreement over the president’s racist nature and its impact on how the country is being led today. Since President Trump assumed office, many entrepreneurs shut their mouths and gave him a chance to prove himself as a great leader considering that he won the election fair and square. Entrepreneurs have wisened up and learned not to go against the establishment if they don’t want to encounter many issues in running their business but perhaps they have been finally triggered …

Inherent Right To Vote

Voting has always been a sensitive issue in years past. Wars have been fought and millions have died for the freedom we are all enjoying today. Indeed, we have come a long way but much is still left to be done. The US Constitution states and upholds this right as stated in Section 1 of Amendment XV that American citizens have the right to vote regardless of their race, color, or prior condition of servitude. While most people get to enjoy their inherent voting rights right now, many are still deprived of the right to choose the elected official they want to rule the land simply because they aren’t eligible, for instance.

Yet no matter how much the country has achieved over the years, problems pertaining to one’s voting rights persist especially that the topic of illegal votes was raised during the last election. While President Trump won the presidency in broad daylight, he still raised the issue of the three million illegal votes he insists that Clinton received and is the reason why he fails to win over the popular votes. His claim of voter fraud paved the way to the recent creation of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity that many believe is just the start of their attempt to roll back voting rights.

There is a battle under way for our democracy. The choice that lies in front of us: Will we be a country that

Is There A Reason For The US To Be Scared Of North Korea?

Society as we know of today may look calm and peaceful most of the time that is because most of us have turned a blind eye to the problems experienced by war-torn nations and all the refugees who are displaced because of these wars that most progressive nations (that started these wars in the first place) refuse to accept in their shores. But there is one nation that has held itself very well and managed to resist any outside influence – North Korea. For decades, very little is known about their country and how everyone lives. The only thing we know is that they are preparing for something big that will shock the entire world when the right time comes.

Kim Jong Un, the current supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and also the Chairman of the Worker’s Party of Korea, is perhaps one of the most talked about yet feared political leader of today. He has been doing a series of missile testing over the years and has been threatening the western world with whatever they are cooking especially that it involves nuclear ammunition. And as such, his leadership of his tiny nation has, at times, caused distress to the world at large and we can only second guess what else is happening inside North Korea.

US President Donald Trump has warned Pyongyang that “all options are on the table” after North Korea fired a missile

Clear The Streets Of The Homeless

The world has never been a fair place to live in. Poverty is rampant everywhere and only a few gets to enjoy most of the riches of this world. This unequal distribution of wealth has left millions (if not billions) of people hurt, starving, lonely, at a disadvantage, and left to fend for themselves against the elements and basically everything else. If you look around you, especially if you are living in highly urbanized areas/cities, the number of homeless people scattered all over the streets is growing. They seem to be popping here and there and mostly reliant on the generosity of other people.

Just imagine what it would be like living on the streets – without a wall and a roof to protect you from harm. For years, the government and the private sector have teamed up to help clear the streets of these unfortunate souls yet many still remain and the number keeps on growing. Blame it on our unstable economy and other personal variables, it seems like an impossible endeavor to clear the streets of the homeless population and help them stand on their two feet once more.

Hoping to place thousands of homeless people into affordable housing regionwide, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to partner with all cities across the county that step up and help in the effort.

A motion introduced by supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Sheila Kuehl will allow