All You Music Fans, Taylor Swift Is Back

It’s been a while since we last heard Taylor make some really good music. And if you’ve been on the radar over the past decade or so, Taylor Swift’s name has been racking up awards and selling millions of copies of chart-topping albums all over the world. We were out of the loop for quite some time about happenings in her life but we’ll definitely soon find out if the cryptic snake video she posted recently is indeed a hint of her music comeback knowing her penchant for writing songs about her personal life.

Like most celebrities who love drama in their life, saying that Taylor Swift can be melodramatic at times is an understatement seeing what she has been through over the years. Yet, her music remains to be one of her finer points. Others may attack her personally like crazy but they can’t deny the fact that this young woman really does make beautiful (and often catchy) music. And you can’t blame her fans for hyping this up since now is perhaps the longest she has been out of the radar and out of the music scene too. But is she really back for real?

The wait is almost over: Taylor Swift is expected to release new music on Friday, according to multiple sources.

The superstar is set to debut the first single from her upcoming sixth album, although she could surprise everyone and drop the entire album itself.

Swift is also rumored to be debuting the music video for said single at this Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, hosted by her former friend Katy Perry.

After wiping clean her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr accounts, in addition to her website, Swift sent fans into a frenzy by posting two cryptic videos of a snake moving its tail Monday on her social media platforms.

Given that the wait for new music since “1989” has been longer than usual, speculation that Swift would be dropping news soon ran rampant.


Knowing her history from debuting as a country star until she crossed over as a pop artist, Taylor Swift usually released an album every two years or so. Aside from going on a career hiatus, her social life also became quite dormant. She attended very few events and not much was heard on social media. But all that is about to end as she is set to grace us with a new music and a likely image overhaul as well.

If this means Swift is indeed releasing a new album, how soon will fans get to hear new music? A source close to the singer told Us Weekly��that she’s planning to drop the lead single off her sixth studio album on Friday.

“The song is poppy,” the source told the outlet, adding that the accompanying music video will also be released later this week. “[Taylor’s] been very secretive about it, but it’s going to be a really good one.”

The new album will mark Swift’s first album in three years, her last being 1989.


All these secrets and teaser will definitely leave Taylor fans wanting for more and it is proving to be a good strategy in getting Swifties excited and they surely are proving that they can’t wait to hear Taylor’s new music on social media. Her cryptic video and the rumors about her comeback are all over social media lately and we’ll surely get the answers we want to hear soon once she is ready to divulge all the details. We all love to hear a good tune or two and over the years, Taylor has not disappointed us not to mention all the fuss about her personal life and relationships that almost always made it to the headline.