When is Ductwork Replacement the Right Thing to Do?

You might have heard some HVAC maintenance professionals tell you or other homeowners that having ductwork problems doesn’t necessarily require you to replace your entire HVAC system immediately. They are not saying that to lead you into deeper trouble by waiting for your ductwork to cause bigger problems and thus, requiring you to spend more in the future. All they’re saying is, there are incidences wherein ductworks can be repaired to bring back their efficiency and proper functions, not necessarily whole replacements that will actually cost you more. HVAC contractors may perform inspections and tests so that you can be assisted in deciding on which action to take.

So, whether you need your system ductwork to be replaced or not depends on its overall condition. As mentioned earlier, some of these conditions can be remedied with a repair or partial replacements. But of course, there are some conditions that would require a full replacement of your ductwork. It would be to your advantage to know these things so that you won’t be duped.

Your ductwork needs replacement if it is not designed correctly.
If your HVAC is causing energy loss, this may be caused by air leaks, as well as ductwork that was not designed properly. Leaks and poorly designed ductwork cannot circulate the air that should effectively cool your house. So, even if you brought the correct HVAC system with the correct size and capacity, if your ductwork is …

A Modern Crisis On Natural Disasters

Humans have long since flourished on this planet but it wasn’t always an easy ride. For starters, the elements haven’t always been kind to us and we worked so hard in overcoming it so we can live in sheer comfort and convenience and it wasn’t without a cost. Imagine living with nothing on your back and no real homes to live in like ancient humans lived in back in the days as you are exposed to the heat, cold, wind, rain, etc. not to mention the animals that roam in the wild. Much has changed from that situation and we have concrete houses now to keep us all warm and dry or cool and comfy whatever the weather outside is but the weather remained as unpredictable as ever. We haven’t even cracked a way to control it as it simply is impossible and beyond our human capabilities.

We are still helpless in the face of Mother Nature’s wrath. You see it time and again with the number of casualties each time the elements act up. Whether it be fire, water, wind, or movements emanating from deep in the earth, not all the time can we predict when these tragedies will happen despite the many tech advancements we have now achieved. In reality, nations are actually spending a lot on tech measures to help the people prepare for these eventualities as well as the actual damages we actually incur each year. …

Activism Spirit On Campus

We live in a democracy where everyone supposedly has the right to various human rights and the freedom to express their opinions without usurpation given that they also are aware of the accompanying responsibilities to these inherent rights. But if you look around you, you’d see that things are far from ideal and it is always a struggle to get what you so rightly deserve and to be heard amidst all the noise and clatter. Certain people are emboldened to stand up and fight for their rights and at times ask for help from the majority to help get their message across. Activism has long since been an avenue for people to speak up and at times resist against the institutions if needed and lots of people have even died for their principles and causes they support.

Most speakers are eloquent and have a way with words and it is but a must for a cause as theirs that needs fighting and breaking down a lot of walls and overcoming countless obstacles thrown their way. And what better place to foster this activist spirit than in campuses where students who aren’t yet used to the way the real world works are so engrossed in their definition of all things ideal. Students won’t hesitate to join arms in something they passionately believe in and since they only have themselves to think of, they won’t have any problem listening to activist talks …

Should You Recover Data On Your Own?

There are so many things going on in the world right now many of you probably can’t keep up with all these changes anymore. The rapid rise in technology is the major factor as to why the world that our parents grew up in is but a distant shadow only. From young kids to adults, technology has become a crucial part of our lives. Just think of all those handy smartphones on your hand or in your pocket and the tablets that keep kids entertained as their harried parents trying to juggle the increasing demands of work and home life as prices keep on going up as the price we have to pay for modern living. Seeing how much we all depend on technology, it would surely be a major hassle if we lose access to one of these modern contrivances that holds so much of our dear life.

For instance, computers that break down can spell big trouble especially if you store a lot of your data in it and you didn’t have the foresight to keep a copy in a different storage space ahead of time. But of course, you can never tell when tragedy hits you so you end up trying all sorts of hacks to get your lost data back. Take note that even if you do get your computer fixed, it is still not an assurance that you can recover all valuable files and other …

The Delicate Balance Of International Relations

We live on a big planet, without a doubt. For the longest time, most people living here only worried about their own well-being without regard to those living farther than their eyes can see. To each his own is a great way to describe it. However, as we became more adept at controlling our surroundings we became bolder and felt more confident to explore farther horizons. It’s no longer surprising that conflict soon arose – a conflict that is very much present until now – when people from different backgrounds start fighting over their respective territories. One defending his own while the other looking to expand his conquest. It has always been that way for the longest time and that still applies until today although maybe a little less barbaric than previous conquests but we still can’t entirely eradicate violence in the picture.

We have already been through a lot for many centuries of trial and error when it comes to international relations. It is a topic that you can’t always seem to get the right formula as wars still exist in various parts of the globe. Our modern technologies weren’t able to save us from our own human nature that perhaps in a way impede our progress. It is never an easy thing to make peace and stay at peace with one another but it is worth trying knowing this is the only way the human species will …

The Evolution Of The Healthcare Industry

Nothing remains constant, right? Everything in this world is bound to change sooner or later. Apart from death and taxes, nothing is safe from all these changes. A major aspect of human life is related to healthcare. We have long since realized we can make a difference on the quality and length of our lives by adopting certain habits and practices that promote good health and help us fight off the occasional ailments we may have over the course of our lives. Seeing how far the healthcare system has come this day, it would probably make you feel grateful that you live at this age wherein most ancient (and often painful and cringe-worthy practices) are now rendered obsolete. You now have the help of modern science to help you navigate through life in the best possible health although at times it comes at a cost. And as much as we would like to delude ourselves into thinking, it is far from a perfect science but it works most of the time in meeting our needs when it comes to the fragile state of our health.

Technology plays a big part in the evolution of the human healthcare system. Wherever you look in hospitals, there are various tech gadgets and contrivances that does work in as simple as data encoding to actually supporting human life and helping those in near-death circumstances bounce back again. Computers are everywhere and healthcare professionals …

Losing Sleep Because Of Sleep Apnea Can Put Your Life At Risk

Most of us just long for the comfort of our bed and get a good night’s sleep after a long day at work or school. Our tired bodies need to recuperate so it has the energy it needs to face another day because you just can’t get away from the daily grind. It’s the reality of life. There are people, though, who don’t get to enjoy the luxury of sleep that most individuals look forward to at the end of the day. It really is such an irony that they end up sleepy the entire day but unable to fall into deep sleep at night even though sleep is all they can ever think of. It is not that they don’t like sleeping, it’s just that they can’t. It may be hard to believe but it is true and millions suffer from sleep deprivation because of it. What’s the contributing factor then?

You may have heard of sleep apnea by now and most likely associate it with snoring. Well, it is true that most patients diagnosed with sleep apnea snores but it is also worth noting that not all snorers have sleep apnea. What many tend to overlook is how sleep apnea contributes to sleep deprivation. Sure, the snoring itself is a major distraction to sleeping and most patients have a hard time breathing that leads to short shallow sleep. Now, think of the dangers if you constantly lose

Caring For Your Skin After Childbirth

Women play such an important and sensitive role in the big picture that is mankind. Motherhood sets them apart from their male counterparts as women have the natural ability to carry and deliver another human being into this world. The risks they have to take and the difficulties they go through is unique to them that it is often a relief when the baby comes out. The thing is the real work begins once you have your little bundle of joy with you. The long sleepless nights can take its toll not to mention the pains of breastfeeding if you choose to feed your own child. With the countless obligations, unstable hormones, and the mere fact that your baby needs you all the time often leaves most mom unable to care for themselves. They neglect skincare and proper grooming as they usually are covered in baby spit and poo. Some even experience skin tags, that require specialized creams to remove.

What women should be aware of is that they can still look great and feel good in their own skin even with this added responsibility on their shoulders. You may not be able to religiously follow a 10-step skin care regimen that is all the rage now but you can definitely do something about maintaining your youthful looks and pleasant appearance. Various changes happened to your body during pregnancy and you may feel that you don’t look your best …

Migration In Europe Today

We may all live on one planet but one cannot easily cross one border into another as you wish. It’s why we have visas and comply with lots of requirements demanded from us by the nations we want to visit for safety and security reasons. Various nations implement differing migration rules and regulations and it can quickly change as well depending on what the times call for. Most people (especially those living in third world countries) prefer to migrate to progressive nations in America and Europe for greener pastures. It makes perfect sense knowing they desperately want to uplift their lives from the life of extreme poverty where they came from.

However, migration is made even more complex with the growing threat of terrorism and other malicious attacks on individuals that pose a big risk to any nation. Europe, for instance, has witnessed more than its fair share of terrorist attacks over the past few years and many lives were lost because of religious ideologies that should not be an issue in the first place. Meanwhile, the issue about wars in other countries have displaced thousands, if not millions of refugees, which are now seeking refuge in other countries and that include Europe. Hence, Europe understandably became stricter with migration laws so as to protect its own people.

Much has changed since the height of the refugee crisis that gripped Europe in the summer of 2015. Since the shocking

Reduction In Teenage Pregnancies

Parenthood is no easy thing. Some people prefer to live their lives to the fullest during their twenties to their early thirties before settling down and start building a family of their own. It does not just allow them to enjoy everything that life has to offer but gives them time to save up and prepare for whatever family life entails, most especially when it comes to their finances. Yet over the past decade, we’ve seen a rise in teenage pregnancy. Young girls in their teens know so little about the implications of engaging in premarital sex that they fail to use any type of contraception and just enjoy doing the deed itself until they end up getting pregnant.

Then, there is the power of social media and the Internet that shows them things they aren’t supposed to see or know at their young age. Meanwhile, some girls are victims of sexual abuse and violence and end up getting pregnant too. Yet over the past few years, we have seen a considerable reduction in teenage pregnancies in different parts of the globe. Kids perhaps know better now that even if they engage in premarital sex, they take the proper precautions to prevent any unwanted pregnancy. And it also helps that they have already seen a lot of young girls and teens struggle with being a young mom and that they are often left by their partners to fend for themselves …

Is A Sustainable Environment The Solution To Climate Change?

The world is changing and it is already old news. We can see it all around us. Gone were simpler times because the digital world has finally come for real and taken over everything. Mankind did not hesitate in embracing all the new tech innovations because they not only looked cool but made life so much easier and more comfortable despite the high price tag attached to them. As a result, the environment deteriorated because of our dependence and increased consumption of digital things and non-renewable resources like fossil fuel.

We are now experiencing the wrath of Mother Nature. Natural calamities have significantly worsened and they hit us with a force so deadly. Both lives and properties are lost and recovery and rehabilitation become harder and harder each year because of the magnitude of the damage regardless of the technologies we now use today. Many environmentalists are asking for everyone’s support to change our ways and support a sustainable environment in an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint, thereby slow down climate change.

This includes ensuring a reliable power supply at an affordable price for the country’s continued socio-economic development, optimising the efficient use of energy sources and promoting the use of clean and renewable energy, they said.

Speaking at the conference on sustainable energy and a low emission economy in Viet Nam yesterday, Vice Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang Quoc Vuong said that energy security has always been

Understanding Jumping Genes

The human body is full of amazing things – many of which we may not fully understand and remain a mystery forever to those who have no medical background. Yet, understanding some of these more complex concepts can shed light on a lot of issues we are dealing with that we begin to realize how helpful it is to know more about the human body, for instance, so we don’t remain in the dark forever. And we actually have a lot to learn considering the human body changes as it matures and grows over the years.

One of the most less talked about topic is the one involving jumping genes. For sure, many of you haven’t even heard about it until now. But why is it relevant in our life? It’s time to find out… Jumping genes a.k.a. transposable elements or transposons are essentially DNA sequences that jump from one part of the genome to another. They are often considered as “junk DNA” since their discovery in the 40’s but studies and researches further debunked this theory and proved the importance of jumping genes in the regulation of gene expression. Sounds pretty deep but it really has a lot of practical applications in real life.

Exactly how these ancient jumping genes contributed to the development of the modern human is unclear. Scientists think that their step-wise integration coincided with the emergence of an increasingly complex brain structure, possibly giving us

Charities Aren’t Happy Anymore

The people elected into office in governments of most nations are instrumental in improving and safeguarding the lives of the citizens. They tap on various resources in implementing various programs that aim in nation building as well as demand for tax payments for various goods and services, so the state has money to use in the delivery of basic services for the people. Yet there are still private organizations that go the extra mile and engage themselves in various charitable activities that aim in uplifting the lives of the poor and the impoverished that the government can’t always attend to.

The United States of America may be a first-world nation but there are still thousands (even millions) of homeless people scattered all over the country. That’s not even including the millions of Americans living in poverty and often dependent on federal assistance to meet their daily needs. So, it’s safe to assume that America is silently struggling internally despite its image as a strong and rich nation to outsiders. A big part of America’s success can be attributed to the charities that support the people. However, it sounds like a problem is brewing between these charitable institutions and the current administration and the people will eventually be on the losing end here or maybe not.

More than a dozen charities have pulled their events from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in a continued backlash to how Trump responded to the fatal

Essential Cyber Security Measures You Need To Know At Home

We now live in a digital world where it is inevitable for us to use technology in our daily lives. From the moment you wake up, you often reach out for your smartphone before even getting out of bed. That has been the routine for most of us. Most homes are also full of tech gadgets from home appliances to communication gadgets that are all interconnected to the Internet for our comfort and convenience. If you don’t know it yet, they comprise the Internet of Things. Despite the hefty price tag, the majority of us do not hesitate in buying these tech luxuries and basically have transformed them into living staples that almost everybody must have.

There is a big drawback here, though. We may enjoy all the perks that technology brings yet we can’t deny the fact that they have somehow complicated our mere existence especially when something goes wrong. Technological innovations in itself are flawed and full of loopholes that cyber criminals use to their advantage. Even the Internet is not a safe place anymore or social media where many of us end up sharing way too much personal information than necessary. It also explains why so many people end up as victims of ransomware attacks, for instance, because of how we take technology lightly and don’t take enough precautions even when using our personal gadgets. Continue reading “Essential Cyber Security Measures You Need To Know At Home”

Technology’s Impact To A Student’s Education

Children are great imitators. It is the reason why it is always better for parents, guardians or people in authorities to model good behavior than preaching them. But in today’s modern world, young kids are exposed to an insane amount of technology in their lives. From the moment they wake up, they have to deal with numerous tech gadgets at home. The list even grows when they start going to school. They begin using some software very early. These tech gadgets have a big role in shaping how a child turns out to be without us knowing especially when it comes to important developmental stages they need to go through as they grow.

Kids these days can’t relate to the struggle older people had when they had to trudge school without the help of the World Wide Web especially when doing assignments or research. You actually had to look for reference books in the library that are just as complex as the topic you are looking for. But this tech shortcut of today is actually messing with student’s brain, bypassing important cognitive processes necessary for learning. Yet still, we can’t deny how much easier and more comfortable life has become now that we have these smart gadgets to do most of the work and thinking for us. Even kids today have their own smartphones with them like most adults do. Despite this apparent necessity in owning smart gadgets, it isn’t …

Science Suffers Because Of Brexit

Just like art is a depiction of the times, so is science. Many scientific breakthroughs push through or not depending on the political climate where such a discovery is made. Scientists are pressured as well by the current state of the government and it affects their work especially if they require government funding for extensive clinical trials and researches. Even if a scientist’s natural curiosity and passion in doing something they truly believe in motivate them to go beyond the usual limitations of the human mind and the world, they can’t do much when it comes to traditional political bureaucracy.

In the midst of some major changes happening in Europe over the past year and in the next few years to come, many scientists fear for their scientific researches and studies and some have even left the country especially that many of them aren’t naturally-born Brits. Many of these scientists are baffled at the decision of the UK to leave the European Union because they have been collaborating with one another in the quest for scientific discoveries and innovations for the longest time and it has helped them a lot realize their scientific goals.

All of this potential came into doubt on June 23, 2016, when 51.9 percent of those who voted in the U.K. chose to leave the EU. Geim describes himself as a Euro-skeptic. Yet he watched the results of Brexit trickle in with a sense

Christmas Shopping Tips

The holidays are fast approaching. It is that time of the year again when people are more generous and personal differences are set aside as we celebrate Christmas. Now, the question is – have you started with your Christmas shopping? I’m sure you’ve got your list ready and you may have already started buying a few gift items yourself for some of your loved ones while strolling in the mall or dropping in and out of shops but most people delay their Christmas shopping until it’s almost D day and regret not doing so much earlier. It’s a mistake people do over and over again and they do not seem to learn from the error of their ways.

If you want to do Christmas shopping differently this time around, here are some few tips you can try to reinvent this yearly tradition and give yourself a break from all the stresses brought about by last-minute shopping. You’d be able to save more money when most stuff is still sold at a cheaper price and you have more options to choose from. In short, you have the option of choosing from a wider variety at a discount. When you shop late, you have no choice but to purchase whatever is sold at shops at a regular price because you need to buy something right away as you do not have the luxury of time since you need to give something, anything, to people, come Christmas day. Continue reading “Christmas Shopping Tips”

The Role Of Local Governments In Disaster Response

If there is one thing that distinguishes our modern world from primitive ones, it is the conduct of law and order in society. There are laws in place to ensure fair and just treatment of everyone and there are governments in each nation that create, uphold, and protect these laws. Aside from collecting taxes and providing most basic services, the government is also the first one to come to the people’s aid in times of conflict and disasters both man-made and natural.

No matter how prepared people are or even the government itself, there are always instances when nature surprises us and hits us with a fury only Mother Nature is capable of doing. Human lives are lost, families are displaced, and properties are destroyed making recovery doubly harder. Yet, there are resources that the government can tap into in times of crisis. But if you look closely into America’s history, disaster relief hasn’t always been the federal government’s priority and it has been evident with the way they respond to disasters in the past.

America and its citizens are vulnerable at all times to natural disasters, be they hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, fires, even volcanos. It is never a question of if – it is always questions of where and when disasters will strike.

With computer modeling, we can predict where these events are likely to occur with greater accuracy. Thus, we know areas of the country that are

Kid’s Health Suffers From Excessive Screen Time

It is common knowledge nowadays how damaging too much exposure to technology and gadgets is to the developing minds and bodies of young kids. It wasn’t a problem in the past when kids did not have access to these innovative and smart gadgets that are taking up most of their time these days. Medical experts are always urging parents to limit kid’s screen time because it predisposes them to various health conditions that can later affect them in adult life.

Up to now, many are still wondering how much screen time is ideal for kids, and how much outside play they get. Well, it is better if they aren’t allowed to use these devices at all but that rarely happens now as there are just way too many (smart) gadgets in our life that it is inevitable for them to get their little hands on smartphones, for instance. Parents are usually harassed as well in trying to juggle their multiple responsibilities that only grow the more our technology advances. It is why they give these gadgets to their young children, so they can be free to do whatever it is they need to do as their young children busy themselves with various apps and games that are trending now. It’s even a bonus if they have access to WiFi because that means they can surf the web and do more with their time.

The average Australian child is spending

The Benefits Of A Responsive Web Design

Having a website is now a must for any brand, business, organization, or institution since it gives their consumers and users 24/7 access to whatever they have to offer – meaning you can also take your brand globally as the web is a global platform used by everyone. The Internet and social media is running most industries today and everyone who understands the power of the World Wide Web understands very well how effective these platforms are when marketing your business. The digital age has come and we all live in it, there is no denying that reality. So, if you need a platform where you can showcase the products or services you offer, a website is a must for you. And today, there are various web designs to choose from. Each one resonates differently to its users and responsive web designs are currently the most in-demand for a lot of reasons.

For those who don’t have an idea as to what a responsive web design means, it is simply a website design that responds to the behavior of the user and the medium used. We all know that most people prefer using handy and mobile smart gadgets and phones that are WiFi-ready that they can take with them everywhere they go. Basically, this type of web design adjusts depending on the size of the screen, orientation, and platform. It’s a common request from entrepreneurs these days for web designers …

Problems Plaguing Occupational Health

Our health has always been one of our priorities since birth. You won’t be able to enjoy the many beautiful things in life if you are weak and sickly. Even if you are not that rich, having a healthy body is a blessing in itself. Yet as we live our lives, it is inevitable for us to get sick and succumb to whatever disease or injury that may befall us in our day-to-day lives no matter how careful we are in everything we do. It is a risk we all face each day. But some risks are higher especially when you are exposed to more dangerous things like complex and equally dangerous equipment and machinery often found in big manufacturing plants.

Occupational health may not be as intriguing or as glamorous as other aspects of healthcare but it is just as important. Workers are exposed to certain risks depending on the industry they are in and the type of work they personally do. It is why workers are protected at work by ensuring that occupational health precautions are put in place and practiced by everyone in the work area or risk facing the hazards that are expected in your practice. Companies even hire medical professionals to ensure that someone trained and qualified can attend to the medical needs of workers when doing their jobs.

On 10 May, a joint event run by the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) and the

Medical Emergency: A.K.A Financial Emergency

We have been told time and again that health is wealth and we should do our part to ensure we are in excellent shape all the time. You can do almost everything with a healthy mind and body. Unfortunately, our body isn’t fool-proof. There are times when we will eventually succumb to the fatigue, stress, and germs and get sick in the process. And there are instances when medical emergencies strike and a person will require immediate medical assistance, so appropriate and timely life-saving measures can be done to save a human life. Your first instinct would likely be to call for help especially if you are not a trained medical professional that knows what to do during such terrifying situations.

Emergency medical personnel can intervene and provide the necessary emergency measures to any sick or injured person until they reach the hospital. From there into the emergency room the patient goes where the interventions continue. More often than not, the confused and scared family members or relatives would consent to whatever intervention is needed to support the patient, especially during critical situations. But they are in for a big surprise after they weather the storm.

No matter how advanced medical technology gets, for many patients modern health care begins in a hospital emergency room and ends with an unexpectedly huge bill. s
On average, emergency-room bills for out-of-network care is 4.4 times higher than what Medicare allows for

The Great Republican Divide

They say that there are no permanent friends or foes in politics. How aptly said. Regardless of what country you are in, there is some sort of political divide at work and it has been in existence for the longest time in human history. Despite this conflict, most governments still work because this conflict has evolved to become some sort of internal check and balance system to any nation. Most progressive countries have a healthy dose of debates, arguments, and verbal attacks amongst politicians that make the entire populace wonder how they put those people into office yet keep everyone on their toes.

If you look at the current state of American politics today, you’d be more than just amused. Although we all respect the decision of the majority, we can’t help but wonder what many of them were thinking when they put into office a total newbie with known racist tendencies? The country is plagued by a long list of problems that need urgent attention yet the new administration is busying themselves with issues that shouldn’t be the nation’s priority at all. The ruling party can’t even pass a healthcare law and it is infuriating President Trump for quite a while now that he can’t help but reveal his true feelings time and again by reprimanding Republican lawmakers in doing something about it.

The elite news media loves it when Republicans attack Republicans.

The leftwing reporters, editors, producers, television

President Trump Scares Off Entrepreneurs

The United States of America is undeniably a rich nation. Most global businesses have offices in the country and business is booming both online and offline. The richness of American trade has helped the nation generate the revenue it needs in enforcing law and order, running the various government offices, and providing for the poor, among many others – and even have money to spare to help other needy nations. Yet over the years, businesses have both flourished and suffered because of the rise and fall of the (global) economy. It has led to massive layoffs, bankruptcy, etc. that greatly affected the lives of the people.

However, our modern times are still facing the very same issues our nation has faced in the past – specifically the issue of racism and equality. Business leaders today are constantly upset because of the controversial remarks uttered by the president especially when in a public forum or platform. Entrepreneurs are united in their disagreement over the president’s racist nature and its impact on how the country is being led today. Since President Trump assumed office, many entrepreneurs shut their mouths and gave him a chance to prove himself as a great leader considering that he won the election fair and square. Entrepreneurs have wisened up and learned not to go against the establishment if they don’t want to encounter many issues in running their business but perhaps they have been finally triggered …

Add Some More Caffeine Into Your Life

We all have our guilty pleasure. Some love sweets and junks while others prefer something entirely not food-related like a hobby or interest. Then, there are those things that we simply just can’t live without. Not a day goes by without us indulging in these little whims no matter how insignificant they may seem to others. That’s what caffeine is like. It’s your guilty pleasure that you can’t live without. Others even call it a caffeine addiction knowing how many of us can’t go on with our day without our caffeine fix early in the morning that gives us the energy boost we need for the day.

And this obsession may actually be doing your body a favor as there have already been numerous studies proving the health benefits one can get from drinking coffee on a regular basis. Not only is it nutrient-rich and loaded with plenty of antioxidants to keep you glowing and healthy, coffee can actually make you live longer because of the numerous health benefits it offers. And basically, the caffeine in it, which is a known stimulant, jump starts your day every single day without fail. So, it’s time to pay homage to a worldwide favorite that science backs up to be good for our health too.

Drinking four cups of coffee a day could slash the chance of early death, a major study suggests.

Research on 20,000 middle-aged men and women found that those

Are We All Ready For Elon Musk’s Hyperloop?

Successful people don’t just dream, they dream big. And when they dream, they give their all and make that dream happen at all cost. It pretty much describes the man that is Elon Musk. If you haven’t come across his name yet, he is the renowned founder/owner of Tesla, Space X, and man behind the revolutionary transportation means, the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is one ambitious project as it is. It is essentially Musk’s proposal for a modern passenger and freight transportation that looks like a sealed tube but can travel at unimaginable speeds. It is easily dubbed by many today as the way to travel in the future once it becomes a reality.

A man that isn’t confined by conventions, Elon Musk is doing things that many only dreams of. Not only is he flying rockets into space and driving around posh electric cars, he has this crazy wild idea of making the Hyperloop a real thing. Can you even imagine seeing the Hyperloop come to life? Many are actually excited because it will hopefully put an end to many transportation problems we are now facing. But will we be able to see one in our lifetime? We really can’t tell although Musk and his people are working really hard on this project.

Ever since Elon Musk shared his blueprints for the hyperloop – a revolutionary transport system that has the potential to shuttle humans at speeds of more

How Shopping Has Changed Since The Internet Came

Who doesn’t like retail therapy, right? It is a great stress reliever especially if money is not an issue. If you look at how shopping habits of the people have changed over the years, much has really changed and it is obvious to what malls look like now than it did in the past. As technology has gradually become a crucial aspect of our lives, it has likewise shaped many of our habits and shopping is not an exception. Malls and various establishments all over the country have long since noticed this change and many weren’t able to cope with the gradual decrease in shoppers as most people have discovered the joys of online shopping.

Little by little, the shoppers started favoring online shopping over traditional shopping because of the sheer convenience it offers. Imagine not having to waste hours on the mall and spending more for gas and food or spend extra time grooming yourself so you are presentable in public. A lot of stores and malls started closing over the years because many people stopped going to physical malls, so mall owners had to be more creative and started offering various attractions and other forms of entertainment that would encourage the people to go out of their homes and spend their money too. Other malls started leasing spaces to schools, offices, gyms, among others since many businesses decided to take their business on the web and save money.…

The Woes Of Organizing Events

People couldn’t care any less of events organizing in the past. The main attraction, in any event, is the food aside from the host/s and it still is actually but people now prefer to add some more glamour and drama to the physical set-up of a place rather than just putting a table in the middle and smack food right on it when the event starts. Others would go to great lengths and hire singers, bands, or even clowns for kiddie birthday parties to liven up the atmosphere. Event organizing is a growing lucrative industry as more people won’t hesitate in spending more to make an impact on an occasion they are celebrating like weddings where each moment is captured and preserved in time. This is especially significant at a time when the web and social media rules and everyone are more available online than they are offline.

Your event can easily be the talk of the town in a matter of seconds and you can become an instant star if you were able to deliver a really positive experience to your guests. In order to do that, you need to pay attention to all the little details, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, christening, debut, to formal meetings and conferences or any type of event that needs organizing. That’s where events organizers excel the most and they often deliver that otherworldly experience you are looking for, whatever your …

Animal Welfare In Times Of Disaster

More often than not, mankind is too preoccupied thinking about how to save their own lives and properties during calamities than their pet animals. It may be different if an animal is grown for a profit like cattle, for example, where their owners would often evacuate them first rather than lose their source of livelihood. It is often an afterthought for some owners to think about their pet’s welfare during disasters and it is not uncommon to see dead or lost animals after strong hurricanes or tornadoes because their owners are likely as dazed as them too.

In light of the recent hurricane that hit the United States of America, Hurricane Harvey, some parts of the nation have been unfortunate enough again to be at the mercy of the elements. Texas has been flooded and many homes are deep in water for days now. Relief and rescue are slow and many are already complaining. While humans suffer, animals suffer too. And it is even worse for them as they can’t speak and let everyone know how badly they are feeling. Those pets that have been unfortunate enough to not be rescued and evacuated in time have likely succumbed to the elements and thus forever lost.

Texas has never seen a storm like Hurricane Harvey before. It’s buried Houston and its environs, and part of Louisiana, under water. More rain is coming in the next few days — as much

Social Media Addiction According To Science

When we talk about addictions, we often think of vices like alcohol intoxication, smoking, illegal drugs and the like. What we fail to realize is how this condition has evolved as our technology progressed over the years. You’d be surprised to find out that a few of the habits you now have are already considered as an addiction as explained by science. Our obsession with social media is a perfect example of this modern-day addiction.

If you think about it, can you count the number of hours you have been checking your social media feed each day? Probably not because you are spending more time than you should be especially now with the Internet of Things where many tech gadgets are not interconnected to the web. Your smartphone allows you to log in to your various social media accounts and get lost in it for hours reveling in the new things you discover and all the likes you get from whatever you post on your wall. The feeling is surreal. It’s somehow similar to the high drug addicts get when they do drugs. It may sound melodramatic, but not. Science backs all these theories and it makes perfect sense considering how you can’t almost put your phone down even if you always tell yourself to reduce your screen time yourself.

Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel knows exactly why you can’t go a minute without picking up your phone. It isn’t

What Do You Think About The Mayweather-McGregor Fight?

The world of sports is perhaps just as nasty as politics since everyone involved will move heaven and earth in order to win. Controversies aren’t new and it often extends to the person’s personal life. It really is such a shame hearing the nasty things they say to each other but the conflict among players often build up the momentum and urge the viewers to spend money to watch live matches or shell out fees for pay-per-views. And boxing, like some kinds of wrestling, is one of those sports that always attract global attention, especially when played by equally popular players.

The most recent match that has garnered worldwide attention is the one between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor. What makes this fight really notorious is the fact that the latter is not a professional boxer himself but a UFC fighter. For sure many were intrigued about how the fight turns out to be and how well the two of them will fight it out in the arena considering their different backgrounds but some were apparently disappointed at the turn of events when McGregor easily got exhausted several rounds into the fight. It is understandable, though, that he’ll have a harder time lasting the entire 12 rounds of fight in a match that he isn’t accustomed to.

So why am I so sure that Mayweather-McGregor won’t rebound into a moment in time that disrupts boxing and MMA? Two

Inherent Right To Vote

Voting has always been a sensitive issue in years past. Wars have been fought and millions have died for the freedom we are all enjoying today. Indeed, we have come a long way but much is still left to be done. The US Constitution states and upholds this right as stated in Section 1 of Amendment XV that American citizens have the right to vote regardless of their race, color, or prior condition of servitude. While most people get to enjoy their inherent voting rights right now, many are still deprived of the right to choose the elected official they want to rule the land simply because they aren’t eligible, for instance.

Yet no matter how much the country has achieved over the years, problems pertaining to one’s voting rights persist especially that the topic of illegal votes was raised during the last election. While President Trump won the presidency in broad daylight, he still raised the issue of the three million illegal votes he insists that Clinton received and is the reason why he fails to win over the popular votes. His claim of voter fraud paved the way to the recent creation of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity that many believe is just the start of their attempt to roll back voting rights.

There is a battle under way for our democracy. The choice that lies in front of us: Will we be a country that

Is There A Reason For The US To Be Scared Of North Korea?

Society as we know of today may look calm and peaceful most of the time that is because most of us have turned a blind eye to the problems experienced by war-torn nations and all the refugees who are displaced because of these wars that most progressive nations (that started these wars in the first place) refuse to accept in their shores. But there is one nation that has held itself very well and managed to resist any outside influence – North Korea. For decades, very little is known about their country and how everyone lives. The only thing we know is that they are preparing for something big that will shock the entire world when the right time comes.

Kim Jong Un, the current supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and also the Chairman of the Worker’s Party of Korea, is perhaps one of the most talked about yet feared political leader of today. He has been doing a series of missile testing over the years and has been threatening the western world with whatever they are cooking especially that it involves nuclear ammunition. And as such, his leadership of his tiny nation has, at times, caused distress to the world at large and we can only second guess what else is happening inside North Korea.

US President Donald Trump has warned Pyongyang that “all options are on the table” after North Korea fired a missile

Too Many Apps? Free Up Space On Your Device

Since we live in the digital age, most of the things we do have gone digital too. Only a few people do things manually. Why make it harder for yourself when you can simply look up things online and have them saved right on your device for easy access and storage. But because we have grown accustomed to the use of technology in our daily lives, data storage became an increasing concern for us considering the amount of data we accumulate over time. From photos, music, videos, files, and other important documents you need for various purpose, they need to be stored somewhere accessible like a computer or a laptop perhaps.

Smart gadgets are popular too and they allow us to have a smooth browsing experience because it works like any conventional computer device albeit it usually fits the palm of your hand. While most have a built-in internal storage system, some allow you to use an external SD card or external disk drive where you can migrate your files for long-term storage once your device starts running out of space. Storage space is especially a chronic problem among iOS users mainly because iPhones aren’t compatible with any type of external storage added into it.

Windows or macOS running out of room and crawling to a halt as a result? Nowhere to store your latest batch of phone photos or iTunes music purchases? Dwindling computer storage space is a problem

Hurricane Harvey Brings In More Than Just Water To Texas

Humans are immensely resilient by nature. It’s actually an understatement considering what we have gone through over the years to evolve as the modern thinkers that we are today. Although we are not perfect by nature, we have overcome so many challenges already and have emerged as the most superior species on land. It wasn’t a walk in the park to build the skyscrapers we are looking up to today or all the technologies we are taking for granted now. If there is one thing we have not yet made fool-proof, though, it is our health.

Human health is not always fragile but it is plagued by numerous diseases and conditions that make living a bit more challenging for some of us. Some don’t worry about their health at all and abuse their bodies in ways you can never imagine and there are those who are always sickly and easily prone to infections and diseases. There are numerous factors that impact our health. The environment is one of those seeing how our immediate surroundings is a big variable to certain diseases. Now, with the recent flooding all across Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the focus here shouldn’t entirely be about disaster relief and recovery but on the immediate needs of the people to safeguard their health from getting water-borne diseases.

The devastating floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey will damage many human habitats, but after the flood recedes,

Cyber Issues On Medical Devices

Technology is synonymous with modern living. It is a crucial part of our lives that not only makes the world go round right now but somehow makes it more complex too. These high-tech innovations have actually transformed our lives and made a lot of things easier and more comfortable for us but they are also flawed like most things here on this planet. A lot of things are interconnected now on the Internet of Things and as such, things can easily go from bad to worse when disaster strikes. And it is something we have experienced many times in this digital age.

The ransomware, WannaCry, which infected over 200,000 computers globally managed to cripple the UK’s healthcare system and many patients missed out on their medications for days because the medical staff can’t access the hospital computers where the patient’s chart and data can all be found. You see, any tech issue can potentially become a major medical emergency because medical devices that are hooked and used in a patient’s care can be hacked or encrypted by dubious cyber scammers that are only out for monetary gain.

As the internet of things spreads into more and more areas, increasing numbers of medical devices are now connected, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks that could shut down medical processes, expose critical hospital and patient data, and ultimately put patient safety at risk.

Many medical devices are not built with cybersecurity in

Canadians Pioneering In The Use Of Medical Cannabis

The medical community is always full of surprises, from surprising tech innovations, mind blowing medical treatments, new drug discoveries, to out-of-the-box medical practices, the public is always fascinated by most news in the field of medicine. And for quite some time now, we are seeing major changes happening everywhere too. We have witnessed how the humble marijuana plant has transformed its image from an illegal substance to a now legal one. Various US states have already given the thumbs up to the farming, use, promotion, and selling of either medical or recreational cannabis but it seems that the US has been beaten by their next-door neighbor when it comes to this weed’s popularity.

What probably urged Canada to be quick and bolder than the US in their approach towards cannabis is their desire to improve the lives of many Canadians who have been suffering from many chronic and debilitating conditions for the longest time that no drug or medical treatment has managed to address aside from medical cannabis and boost the economy. There have been numerous studies and testimonies as to the powerful effects of medical marijuana in treating conditions like epilepsy, seizure, chronic pain, and even cancer. And unlike the US, Canada has passed the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) in aid of cannabis research, sale, and use, so that Canadians requiring help from such a magical plant like Cannabis can have access to it …

Why Children Are Getting Fatter By The Minute

Kids give more meaning to life. Ask any parent about it and they will likely tell you the same thing. But raising one is a different story. There are a lot of hurdles parents face each day from the moment a child is born. Not only are parents expected to provide all the basic needs of their kids but as well as teach them on how to become wise, responsible, God-fearing, and compassionate adults someday. But how can kids do that in the near future if they are already struggling with their health (and body image) as early as now? Looks may not be everything but say that to a bullied pubertal child or teen and you’d likely receive glaring stares that paint a thousand words.

Weight is the biggest struggle of young kids these days perhaps because of the food they eat and the lifestyle they lead. Parents today are almost always harassed and exhausted so you can’t expect them to prepare healthy home-cooked meals when more often than not, both partners are out most of the day earning their keep. Aside from feeding their young children sweets, junks and processed food, kids also have access to tech gadgets to help them pass the time and not bother their tired parents at home. So eating + lounging around with a tablet/smart gadget with WiFi in hand = obesity. Hence, more and more kids are diagnosed as overweight and obese …

Bitcoins: The New Gold Rush

Human beings are always on the lookout for the next big thing in life. We don’t just settle for second-rate items or luxuries because we only want the best our money can afford. Although we don’t always get what we want, it gives us more reason to work harder and hope for a brighter future. If we want to uplift our lives, we must be able to act timely on opportunities or forever miss our chance of experiencing something really great in our lives.

Knowing that we are now living in the digital age, it is safe to assume that the majority of the population is hooked on some sort of tech device in their day-to-day lives. We are a generation that can’t live without social media and the Internet – a far cry from the lives led by our parents and grandparents in the past. Yet, this is the reality of our times whatever part of the globe you may be living in. So, it no longer comes as a surprise that the new opportunities presented to us are also in the digital form. What am I talking about? Bitcoins.

With cryptocurrencies like bitcoin quadrupling in value this year alone, high frequency players are finding their way to the new Wild West of trading that some believe is in bubble territory. Proprietary trading firms are particularly well positioned to pursue cryptocurrency trading because they are in the

Cyber Criminals: A Threat To The Power Grid

Technology is crucial to how well we live our lives today. Think about times when there are power blackouts. Can you imagine your discomfort as you trudge on the next few hours devoid of power and all the modern conveniences you have grown accustomed to? It is interesting to note, though, that as we become highly dependent on these technologies we also gradually realize how fragile they are compared to digital crimes committed today. We can easily go powerless for days on end if cyber criminals manage to click on the right button and mess up an entire power grid’s operation.

And ironically, it isn’t just something we have randomly thought about but already a reality that has already happened in certain parts of the globe. In Europe, for instance, Ireland’s power grid was overtaken by cyber criminals. If it happened to them, it can also easily happen to any place here on earth, even in the United States. Cyber criminals manage to take down the impressive Irish engineering and infrastructure safety precautions, so it won’t be difficult for these hackers to do it again to a different power grid in a far away country and temporarily cripple an entire nation.

Two weeks ago it was cyberattacks on the Irish power grid. Last month it was a digital assault on U.S. energy companies, including a nuclear power plant. Back in December a Russian hack of a Vermont utility was

Why Data Recovery Matters At A Time Of Widespread Malware Threats

We can’t deny how much technology has made our lives so much easier. We no longer need to do most things manually and everything is just simply automated. That in itself is already a blessing. Imagine no longer having to put in the manual labor to get things done. Yet no matter comfortable and convenient our lives have become, there are its drawbacks too. Everything can go haywire in an instant when you encounter a tech-related issue. It is even more difficult if you are clueless about how the technology works itself and you have no go-to guy around that can help you with your digital concerns. You should, by the way, have a go-to guy.

As complicated technology already is, the rising threat of cyber attacks is also a cause of concern among tech users. Malwares are everywhere. You can hear it constantly mentioned on news and it makes tech user’s stomach queasy with the jitters with just the thought of getting hit by such a major headache. Malware often attacks older models of computers and laptops but there have been mobile versions too. These malwares have been so nasty they even managed to cripple many businesses and organizations all over the world and even the UK’s healthcare system a few months ago. Patients missed out on their medications because the medical staff can’t access their data on the computer. Everything just vanished.

In Q2 2017, cyber criminals involved

Clear The Streets Of The Homeless

The world has never been a fair place to live in. Poverty is rampant everywhere and only a few gets to enjoy most of the riches of this world. This unequal distribution of wealth has left millions (if not billions) of people hurt, starving, lonely, at a disadvantage, and left to fend for themselves against the elements and basically everything else. If you look around you, especially if you are living in highly urbanized areas/cities, the number of homeless people scattered all over the streets is growing. They seem to be popping here and there and mostly reliant on the generosity of other people.

Just imagine what it would be like living on the streets – without a wall and a roof to protect you from harm. For years, the government and the private sector have teamed up to help clear the streets of these unfortunate souls yet many still remain and the number keeps on growing. Blame it on our unstable economy and other personal variables, it seems like an impossible endeavor to clear the streets of the homeless population and help them stand on their two feet once more.

Hoping to place thousands of homeless people into affordable housing regionwide, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to partner with all cities across the county that step up and help in the effort.

A motion introduced by supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Sheila Kuehl will allow

More Sleepless Nights In This Digital Age

In reality, there are only a few things in life humans need despite the long list of wants we may actually have on our own. The need for food, water, shelter, and human companionship may be one of the first few ones that pop on our mind first because they are basically non-negotiable essentials in our lives. Then, there are those desires we have that are merely just whims and fancies we don’t necessarily need but something we may want so badly. And then there is sleep – the one thing that keeps us going despite the ups and downs of life.

Sleep isn’t just something we need in order to recharge our tired bodies but is a restorative process that does a lot of things that we are not always aware of. At the end of the day, your body will be screaming for sleep no matter how strong and healthy you are. It is as natural as breathing. Yet today, many people are willingly giving up their sleep just for a few more hours, minutes or seconds with their smart gadgets. Bedtime is pushed even further so that modern people can stay connected to their online friends and updated on their virtual reality. But many of us fail to realize that we unconsciously neglect our health in the guise of having a good time.

The National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) latest Sleep Health Index (SHI) finds significant associations

Work Culture: Why It Matters?

Once we reach adulthood, it is but inevitable for us to work. We need to earn our keep to survive and provide for our family. That is a reality we can’t escape until the day we eventually retire. Just as we choose our career path once we enter college, we also choose the type of work we end up doing for the rest of our lives. It may be confusing for some and they jump from one workplace to another without a clear purpose in life but you can’t really blame them. Just as you don’t get a Parenthood guide once you become parents, it’s basically the same thing with work – theory is different from practice.

While our classroom knowledge can give us that added push we need as we venture out on our career, the work culture in your office/institution/organization has a lot to do with how happy and productive an employee becomes at work. After all, it’s not all about work, work, work. All work and no play can make any man dull and sad. Today, you’ll notice that companies not only project a certain brand image but a specific work culture that defines them from all the rest. But why all the fuss all of a sudden when it wasn’t really a big issue in the past?

Recent research published by McKinsey suggests that many organizations view their culture as the biggest barrier to their

All You Music Fans, Taylor Swift Is Back

It’s been a while since we last heard Taylor make some really good music. And if you’ve been on the radar over the past decade or so, Taylor Swift’s name has been racking up awards and selling millions of copies of chart-topping albums all over the world. We were out of the loop for quite some time about happenings in her life but we’ll definitely soon find out if the cryptic snake video she posted recently is indeed a hint of her music comeback knowing her penchant for writing songs about her personal life.

Like most celebrities who love drama in their life, saying that Taylor Swift can be melodramatic at times is an understatement seeing what she has been through over the years. Yet, her music remains to be one of her finer points. Others may attack her personally like crazy but they can’t deny the fact that this young woman really does make beautiful (and often catchy) music. And you can’t blame her fans for hyping this up since now is perhaps the longest she has been out of the radar and out of the music scene too. But is she really back for real?

The wait is almost over: Taylor Swift is expected to release new music on Friday, according to multiple sources.

The superstar is set to debut the first single from her upcoming sixth album, although she could surprise everyone and drop the entire album